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Pudding Black Sesame (jar,90g)


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With high nutrient content, black sesame is known as one of top foods has many benefits to health.


Black sesame has a deep, rich aroma and attractive flavor. It is often used as an ingredient that increase flavor as well as benefits of many kind of dishes.


Black Sesame Pudding is created from black sesame and homemade pudding. At Pizza 4P’s, product is handcrafted every day in order to bring you a fresh and healthy product.


Homemade Pudding Made With Fresh Milk From Highland Da Lat


At Pizza 4P’s, Homemade Pudding is created every day from a source of high quality milk collected from Da Lat farms in order to bring you a fresh and natural flavor of milk.


A Healthy Dessert


Originated from Eastern countries, with its smooth texture and mellow aroma, pudding is often used as a dessert or a light meal. Pizza 4P’s Homemade black sesame pudding is a healthy and nutritious product for both children and adults


Product Information


Product Name: Pudding Black Sesame

Weight: 90g (1 jar)

Made in: Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Ingredients: Egg, Milk, Fresh Cream, Sugar, Water, Black Sesame

Producer: Pizza 4P's

Storage condition: Keep refrigerated.

Expiration period: 5 days from production date. Please consume it as soon as possible.


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