From the answer for finding fresh cheese

Cheese is considered as the soul of many European cuisine. However, in the first days of Pizza 4P's, there was no one who produced fresh Mozzarella cheese in Vietnam. As our desire is to server cheese for pizza as fresh as possible, we decided to produce our house-made cheese by ourselves.

To our House-made Cheese

We launched the cheese studio in 2011, in Don Duong, Dalat - a city of Vietnam's leading plateau region. We initially launched it to only produce Mozzarella cheese to be used at our restaurant, however we now have over 20 cheese artisans producing 400 servings of 10 different kinds of cheese daily.

Every morning, our cheese artisans make our house-made cheese, one by one, using fresh milk from cows that grew up in the rich nature of Dalat. Our Japanese cheese works on the product development and quality improvement, while paying close attention to daily production and quality control. We commit not to add preservatives or chemicals to products to keep the natural flavors.

What we believe in

"Make Our Own" was the answer to having "Fresh, Delicious, Safe Cheese"

As the reputation spreads, nowadays Pizza 4P's is proud to supply our cheese products not only to the most reputable chefs, hotels and restaurants but also to many gourmet shops and premium supermarkets. These relationships have been established over many years, and as we continue to grow, our customers are at the heart of every decision we make. We know our customers’ needs because, like them, we have worked extensively in restaurant environments and understand the demands and pressures of the industry. We offer a bespoke service that is tailored to the needs of the customer. Having the knowledge to properly care for cheese and sharing our producers’ stories & history is at the core of what we do. We always try to match a cheese selection that complements your style of menu.

We have a very passionate, knowledgeable team at Pizza 4P's. Contact us at:

Retail Department: order@pizza4ps.com / (+84) 901-466-787

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