Housemade Cheeses

“Make our own” was the answer to having “Fresh, Delicious, Safe” Cheeses

In the very first days of 2011 when opening our first restaurant, purchasing high quality ingredients is not easy. Specially is fresh Mozzarella Cheese that did not really exist in Vietnam apart from imports, which is one of the most essential ingredients of Italian cuisine, including Pizza.

"Make Our Own" was the answer to having Fresh, Delicious, Safe Chees for own Pizza 4P’s restaurants.

To keep the freshness of the milk, we even built a factory 10 minutes away from the farm. Our Cheese Studio located at Don Duong, an hour away from beautiful Da Lat city.

Every morning, we select carefully fresh milk from cows that grew up in the rich nature of Da Lat, then utilize low-temperature pasteurization to maintain its natural flavor. Our professional cheese-makers craft each cheese by hand to create a soft and spongy texture. Our Japanese cheese artisan who has been holding the studio down works on product development and quality improvement, while paying close attention to daily production and quality control.

In initially, our cheese studio supply fresh cheeses to its restaurant only, today Pizza 4P’s cheese studio have more than 50 professional staffs and produce more than 400 cheeses every day. Currently, for further improvement of the milk quality, Pizza 4P’s have been working to build our own dairy farm in Da Lat.