From Farm to Table

“Farm to Table” is one of our core values


Pizza 4P’s believes that “Farm to Table” is serving safe and fresh foods directly from producers (farm) to consumers (table), under consistent management.


In early 2011, when opening our first restaurant, we started visiting farms in Ho Chi Minh City, Cu Chi, Long Thanh, and many other provinces in Vietnam to find milk for cheeses. Finally we have been convinced by the milk from Lam Dong plateau due to creamy, fresh and balance tasty, which produces our desirable fresh cheeses.


Every day milk from farm is selected carefully and takes 10 minutes to our Cheese Studio Pizza 4P’s. Milk is used within a day only, and do not stored for next day. This is one of our ingredient standards that bring fresh and natural products to every kitchen.


After product process, the fresh batches of cheese will be shipped the same evening and arrive at the Pizza 4P’s restaurant the next day. That is the way we guarantees the fresh products from farm to table with every Pizza 4P’s diner. Now through Pizza 4P’s Online Store, we would like to delivery more healthy dairy products to your kitchen.