Exchange & Refund Policy

Exchange & Refund Policy

Pizza 4P’s Online Store aims to provide customers not only high quality foods but also the best customer service. In every delivery, we try our best to make sure the best quality, however, we still cannot avoid all the unexpected mistakes. We put our conscientiousness to create Return & Refund Policy. In any cases your order have any problem, or your delivered products not in good condition, please do not hesitate to contact us. As our commitment to the best service, we always ready to return new products or refund 100% items’ cost. Please kindly follow return-refund policy and directions as below to send us your request.

Exchange or Refund 100%

Pizza 4P’s Online Store commits to exchange the products or refund 100% in term and condition as below:

Problems is determined at the time of delivery:

  1. Mistakes on products’ quantities or wrong items: We delivered the wrong quantities or items compared to your last order in Pizza 4P’s Online Store system or in the invoice attached with the order.

  2. Products has fault on their appearance during operation or delivery:

(Broken, tear out, pierced through,…) or have external faults with signs that can be visually recognized such as:

  • About the color, appearance: Unusual color or smell, completely defrosted with products that are described “Frozen” in their product information

  • About package: Have leak out problems, broken or have cracks on packaging, decorations ruined, out of shape, upside down, …

If our staff delivered your order without any damage, please do not hesitate to confirm on Delivery Confirmation Note with a tick and your signature. If there is problem match one or all of cases above, please kindly write down the problem on Delivery Confirmation Note and confirm with our delivery staff. We will contact you shortly after delivery staff has come back the office to confirm products fault and suggest solutions. After customers’ had received the order, and our staff had left the place without any problem found, claims that belong above cases, especially for broken faults, will not be approved? We hope you understand and are so sorry for this inconvenient.

If the order has been delivered to the different name on the receipt (receptionist, security staffs,..), please check if items in your order have problem or not, then send us pictures in return/refund request within 24 hours after delivery time. Any request that pass over the 24-hour period from delivery time will not be approved.

Problems that can be returned/refunded within 48 hours after delivery time:

The 48-hour-period return/refund policy will be applied for products which are under-7-day expiration date. Common signs can be pointed out as:

  • Products has evidences of being rotten or unusable as unusual smell, different color or began to have mold inside
  • Strange or undefined objects have been determined inside

This category will not apply for external problems such as packaging or decoration ruined, out of shape, broken,… which can be checked by eyes at the time of delivery.

Problems that can be returned/refunded within 4 days after delivery time:

This category, we concern about products as below:

  • All Cheeses Products that have under-7-day expiration date such as Mozzarella (7 days), Burrata (7 days), Ricotta (7 days), Mascarpone (5 days)

This category will not apply for external problems such as packaging or decoration ruined, out of shape, broken,… which can be checked by eyes at the time of delivery

Others return/refund products:

This category will be counted on products which do not belong above cases or have expiration date more than 7 days printed on their packaging. If you have any problem on products quality within half of the period from delivery date till their printed expiration date, under ideal storage condition, please do not hesitate to let us know.

Cases That Cannot Be Returned / Refunded

  • Cases that have been out of their specific return/refund period
  • Products that have been damaged by customers’ side (dropped, broken,…after our staff have completely the delivery; have been stored under unsuitable condition (Storage Terms and Condition) especially for fresh products.
  • Products that have been ordered incorrectly by customer and have been delivered to request shipping address without any announcement from customers for at least 30 minutes in advance.

Proceeding Return / Refund Request

Please kindly follow below steps to send your request to us:

  • Announce us your order’s information such as: order number/ID, your name, date of delivery and products’ situation on our hotline: 0906703405 or email: For advance, please do not hesitate to take pictures of fault products and include it in your email
  • After receiving your request, our customer service staffs will contact you shortly to confirm products’ situation and suggest solutions.
  • After final solution, we can immediately return/refund for you in hours, on next day or on your next order, so please do not hesitate to let us know your convenient time, we will return/refund on your choice.

Thank you for choosing Pizza 4P’s Online Store as your fresh and healthy food provider. For further information on products and your delivery, please contact us on our hotline: 0906703405 or our email: Pizza 4P’s Online Store is looking forward to serve you the next orders.

With our best wishes,

Pizza 4P’s Online Store