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Whey | How do we reuse Whey in organic farming?

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Author: Nam Trần

Posted: 30 Thg 7, 2018

Last time, we have introduced Whey as a connection between our restaurant and Thien Sinh farm in the "Green Cycle" project. By reusing Whey in Organic farming, we aim to reduce the waste released to the environment.

And this time, we would like to explain the role as well as the application of Whey in this cycle, particularly in Organic farming at Thien Sinh farm.
Then how do we apply Whey in organic farming?

At the first stage, Whey will be enriched with Beneficial Bacteria* in agriculture. After that, due to the bio-benefits of these bacteria, this Whey liquid will be applied to use at the farm for: 

- Fermenting food for cattle.
- Creating a rich source of nutritious organic fertilizer.
- Mixing with animal waste to create organic fertilizer. 

(Please kindly click on the images below for detail explanation of this process.)

By reusing Whey liquid in farming, we hope we could reduce wastes and contribute a part to protect our environment. 

*About Beneficial Bacteria: We will explain them in the later post.

1. Fermenting food for cattle

The beneficial bacteria in Whey helps make the cattle’s food softer, easier to digest, as well as prevent digestive diseases in cattle. Thus, we add this liquid to dairy food to feed the cows at the farms.

2. Creating a rich source of nutritious organic fertilizer: 

Due to the bio-benefits of these bacteria, the content of nutrition in the food for cattle is increased. Thus, the Whey added in the food helps create a richer fertilizer for the farms.

3. Mixing with animal waste to create organic fertilizer: 

The bacteria help to form organic compost, which makes the soil more fertile and productive for planting. Thus, we add this Whey liquid to animal waste to speed up the decomposition process, and grow plants on the farm.

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