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Assorted Cheese at Pizza 4P's restaurant

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Author: Nam Trần

Posted: 03 Thg 2, 2018

Assorted Cheese is an exquisite appetizer that uses variety of cheeses. The signature of this dish is the harmony of cheeses and side dishes. There are many ways to combine cheeses on a plate, such as the assorted cheese dish from Pizza 4P's restaurant. There are 05 kinds of cheese with the different textures and flavours that would bring out a fantastic combination of itself

1. Raclette x Onion Jam
2. Smoked Scamorza
3. Camembert x Caramelized Apple
4. Camembert Truffle
5. Blue Cheese x Fig or Honey

Raclette is a semi-firm cheese that gets along well with salad or jam, and it would be perfect as served with Onion Jam. Smoked Scamorza with a subtle, smoky flavour and mild sweet.Camembert Truffle Cheese accompanies greatly with honey, assorted dried fruits and nuts. Meanwhile, Camembert Cheese with Caramelized Apple that could be a perfect pair. Finally, Assorted Cheese plate couldn't miss Blue Cheese which goes well with honey or fig.

Good selection of cheeses would bring a hint of different flavors to your plate. Thus, there are many different ways to make your own Assorted Cheese at home.

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