Bring Herbs Home
These little herbs are grown in the rich nature with an organic farming process (without chemical fertilizers or pesticides) of Thien Sinh farm in Dalat. At Pizza 4P’s, we are now providing culinary herbs which are now being used as ingredients in our kitchen.
Get Fresh Daily with Yogurt

Refreshing your day with Homemade Fresh Yogurt by Pizza 4P’s with unique flavors and natural ingredients.

Housemade Cheese Producer in Vietnam

"Make Our Own" was the answer to having Fresh, Delicious, Safe Cheese. Here we guarantee to provide high quality cheeses you can get in Vietnam

Pizza 4P's Online Store

WelcomePizza4P’s Online Store

Pizza 4P’s Online Store was founded to provide fresh, environmentally-sustainable and delicious food straight from our own farm in pursuance of provoking better food life in Vietnam. All of our products are homemade under strict condition control to guarantee our customers with the safety and the quality of the food. Especially, our house-made cheeses, the most complimented products, are hand-crafted carefully by our skillful artisans to ensure the condition of the products.

Our Concept

"Delivering Wow, Sharing Happiness"

Yosuke Masuko

Message from Us

Internet has changed all the world. Nowadays, sending messages to the world is no longer limited by time or space. That there are so many out standing people in the world, providing high quality goods and services, learning from them is certainly a key to improve the quality of life. We consider our business as a place to gather the essence of the world and we believe that Pizza 4P's Online Store will be a place where great ingredients will enhance the taste of food and inspire the arts of cooking. We always listen attentively to the feedback of our customers, employees and partners.

Therefore, we have been growing and changing ourselves towards the goal of “Delivering Wow, Sharing Happiness” to our customers. Bringing that thought to our daily work, we hope to bring peace to the world. With Pizza 4P’s Online Store, we aim to be the leader in changing the quality of food in Vietnam.


Yosuke Masuko

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Customer talk about us

Andrea L.

"Amazing experience"

Unique flavour with fresh ingredients bring the best taste of all time. Never can forget the amazing taste from cheese and yogurt.

Mr. Ryan

“Such Tasty Desserts”

Thank you very much for baking such beautiful desserts! My girlfriend tried a tiny bit of everything and she said everything was very delicious! Thanks so much, will definitely use your products again!

Chi Nguyễn

"Wonderful service"

I’m amazed by the wonderful service your staffs had provided, kudos to everyone. Thanks for all the wonderful food and service!

Rina P.

"So convenient!"

I’ve been ordering from you for 2 months now and am so grateful for all your fresh produce of great quality food and the wonderful delivery service that makes things so convenient. I haven’t been able to find an equivalent shop that offers all that you do, so thank you and keep up the great work!